Bret is Awesome

Bret was our realtor on both the sale and purchase side for us. He was incredibly responsive to our frequently excessive number of questions and always provided honest and well-thought-out advice. We were struck with how accurate his appraisal skills were–something that requires solid analytical skills and an intuition about the market. Bret is exceptionally generous with his time and attention, not just with clients but with everyone involved in the process. Our loan processor and the other realtors involved separately told me that Bret was “awesome” and a pleasure to work with. The result was that, when things got logistically complicated with purchase and sale contingencies, he was able to bring everyone together and creatively worked through all the issues. If you are looking for a realtor who is invested in the entire process, creative with solving issues, and who works hard to advocate for you, I would highly recommend talking to Bret.